Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Gerald McCoy is perfect for them and they got him exactly where he should go.

Kansas City Chiefs: Eric Berry is exactly what they needed. They might have been able to trade down a few spots and still pick him, but Berry is exactly what they needed.

Seattle Seahawks: Russell Okung probably shouldn’t have fallen to Seattle, so great for them to pick him up. Earl Thomas is another great pick at 14. The Seahawks probably did the best of anyone on Day 1.

San Francisco 49ers: Getting two offensive linemen, Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati, in the first round complete remakes their offensive line in just one day. I’m guessing they traded up for Iupati because they thought the Steelers were going to grab him.

Miami Dolphins: I like what they did trading down. And I like Jared Odrick. They grabbed some extra picks and still got a huge piece in the first round.

New York Jets: Kyle Wilson is going to learn from the best and, in a year or two, beat out an All-Star corner for a job.

Indianapolis Colts: Jerry Hughes is an incredible value at 31.


St Louis Rams: It’s too easy for a quarterback to end up as a bust and they get too much money as the number one pick. Sam Bradford is a very good prospect, but not an elite one which is what you want with a number one overall QB. St Louis should have traded this pick and grabbed either Sam Bradford or Jimmy Clausen later on in the draft.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Trade your first round draft pick to someone who is going to use it to draft first round talent.


Denver Broncos: I love that they traded down, but Tim Tebow and Demaryius Thomas probably could have been picked up lower down.

Having said that, I’m a Tebow believer. He will be the best quarterback to come out of this draft because he has the right kind of determination and attention to detail to put in countless hours to fix his throwing mechanics and he has the demeanor of a winner on-field.

If the Broncos knew that someone was going to grab Tebow before them, then trading up to grab him was a good move.


The Denver Broncos haven’t called the quarterback position wide-open for next season, but all of their actions point to a a wide-open competition for who sits under center.

Denver Broncos NFL Cheerleader

Mmmm. Gratuitous cheerleader shot.

Broncos coach Josh McDaniels gave his quarterback Kyle Orton a vote of confidence at the end of last season saying, “I’m pleased with a lot of what Kyle did and I saw improvement in what he did. I was happy to have the opportunity to work with him this year and we’ll look forward to the future.”

Now with the trade for Brady Quinn the Broncos have two young quarterbacks both of whom under-performed to start their careers.

Orton started to improve under McDaniels tutelage and Quinn, who has more potential than Orton, hopes to do the same and thrive with the Broncos.

While Orton has improved, he still hasn’t proved himself to be an NFL quarterback. The Broncos started the season 6-2, but finished 2-6, so Quinn is almost certain to get some chances if he isn’t able to wrest the job outright.

Delhomme, Leader or Aging Veteran?

The Cleveland Browns signed Jake Delhomme to be a leader who can take charge of the team.

Mike Holmgren said, “They need a guy that is going to grab everybody by the throat and say, ‘Follow me through that door.’ I don’t look at him as an aging veteran, I look at him as the leader I wanted.”

With Delhomme’s declining production he’s going to have a hard time getting the attention of the locker room. Leaders have to earn respect and it remains to be seen whether the Browns personnel respect Delhomme’s past achievements over his current performance.

Clausen is Sexy, but Wrong Choice for Washington

The Washington Redskins are said to be pondering Fighting Irish quarterback Jimmy Clausen as their number four pick, but that would be a big mistake.

The other player they are rumored to be considering is Oklahoma State left tackle Russell Okung.

While a left tackle isn’t nearly as sexy a pick as a quarterback, developing a quarterback behind a weak o-line can ruin a prospect as they have significantly less margin of error.

Okung has what it takes to make the Redskins o-line solid so that when next year’s quarterback-heavy draft comes around, the Redskins will have everything in place to give their new quarterback the best chance to succeed.



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