The Cincinnati Bengals are officially where troubled NFL players go to be rehabilitated before resuming their careers.

The late Chris Henry, Odell Thurman, Cedric Benson, Larry Johnson, Matt Jones and now Adam “Pacman” Jones are all players with regular off-field conduct issues who have found a home with the Cincinnati Bengals while they get their careers back on track.

Cincinnati Bengals NFL Cheerleaders

Benson has been the biggest success of the bunch rushing for 1251 yards and 6 TDs last season while Johnson showed enough last year to be offered a contract from the Washington Redskins this year.

Henry was also showing signs of improvement until he died falling off of a truck in an altercation with his fiancee.

2009-2010 will be the season to for the Jones’ to see if they can get their careers back on track. Both players didn’t play last year. Matt Jones was suspended for cocaine possession while Pacman missed last season after being released by the Dallas Cowboys due to a host of suspensions for violations to the NFL conduct policy.

Pacman is the more obvious talent of the two, but Matt is more likely to succeed because there’s more space on the Bengals depth chart for receivers.


The NFL draft is rapidly approaching and which means it is time for NFL draft props. Draft props are a great way of putting your mock-draft abilities to the test.

The over/under on Defensive Tackles taken in Round 1 is 4.5 with the over paying +160 and the under just -180.

Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy will almost certainly be gone in the top five, but the question is are there three more players talented enough to be worth a first-round picks and are there three teams who need Defensive Tackles badly enough to burn a first round selection on one of the remaining candidates.

Dan Williams of Tennesse will almost certainly go in the first round giving a third defensive tackle.

Jared Odrick, Brian Price and Terrence Cody are the three remaining DT’s who are considered possible first-round material and you will need two of three to go in the first round to cover the over.

Odrick was arrested in March, so some teams might shy away from him, but he seems like a safe, but not exceptional pick.

Price declared one year early and has some upside in a 4-3 system, but he only has one really good year to his credit, so it is hard to say if he will be able to consistently perform at a high level.

Cody is intriguing because he has been working hard in the off-season to trim off some of his massive bulk and teams will like that commitment.

Possible destinations include the Cincinnati Bengals, the New England Patriots, the Baltimore Ravens, the New York Jets, the Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints.

My guess is the Cincinnati uses Tank Johnson to let them gamble on developing a DT with a lower pick, the Pats pass on DT and choose to address other needs first, Odrick goes to the Ravens.

That leaves one of Price and Cody to go to New York, Minnesota or New Orleans in order to cover and I don’t see either of them being good enough to cause those teams to ignore other needs.

The under looks like the play here, but at -180 it might not be worthwhile.

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