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The USC Trojans were just handed a two year ban from bowl games, a loss of 20 scholarships and forfeit of wins in 2004. It looks like University of Southern California (USC) fans won’t be betting on their favorite team to win the BCS Championships for awhile.

The sanctions are one of the toughest handed down in awhile and leave new head coach Lane Kiffin in a big bind. Kiffin will be tasked with recruiting players who know they won’t have a chance at a bowl for two years.

The impact will last much longer though. Even after the two year ban expires, Kiffin will have to convince recruits to join a program with a two-year talent gap. The top recruits will likely end up at programs that have a chance to win now. Kiffin will have to settle for selling the idea of increased playing time to second tier recruits.

Reggie Bush could potentially forfeit his 2005 Heisman Trophy.

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